Scanner posts by keyword groups - GroupsMonitoring

The most powerful tool for businesses and digital service providers looking for relevant posts!

Would you like  to know what is going on in groups? get involved in talks about your client products/ services?


The plugin can scan hundreds of groups you choose and find you posts with specific keywords,
the posts will be collected  to your GoogleSheets.
Now you can engage with the post, offer your product or services,
offer your client’s services or send the post to a friend that could recommend about you… when a keyword is found you can  also receive an alert to your email.

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* Can I scan every group I’m a member of? Yes (for a public group there is no need to join)

* Can I choose as many keywords as I want? Yes. You can also choose different words for each group.

* Can I change the groups and keywords whenever I want? Yes! All the settings are on your Google Sheets page, which you have access to.

* Can I search in any language? Yes

* Is the subscription monthly? Yes. For example, if I sign up on the 26th of the month, the next charge will be on the 27th of the following month. And you can cancel at any time.

* Which Facebook profile does the software work with? The profile that is open in the browser where you installed the add-on. (You can change the profile whenever you want and as much as you want.)

* Is there a risk that Facebook will block me? No. The only thing that might happen is a temporary suspension (for a few hours) for this specific action – opening a Facebook group. Other actions, like scrolling the feed and writing, will not be suspended.

This is also very rare and only happens if you scan non-stop, which is why we set breaks in the add-on settings.

* Does the computer need to be on? Yes. The add-on works on Chrome browser and it needs to be open.

There is also an option to run the software on my remote computer, which runs 24/7, for an additional $40 per month.

* Are the alerts immediate as soon as a post goes up in the group?

The alerts are not immediate, because it takes time to complete scanning rounds and there need to be waiting times. Therefore, a post that went up in a group may get an alert within a few minutes or even after an hour or more, depending on the number of groups we’re scanning and the settings defined.

* Can I delete rows of results from the Google Sheet?

The posts that appear in the Google Sheet serve the add-on to know which posts have already been found and sent, so the add-on won’t send them again and will skip them. Deleting rows from the Google Sheet will cause a recurring alert for those posts that were deleted, if scanned by the add-on.

* Can I use any Facebook profile I want? And can I switch between profiles whenever I want? Yes!

*Note: The subscription is tied to your Chrome account. This is also the same email account that was given permissions to the software and that we registered for invoicing.

We can see under which account we are if we click on the small picture in the upper corner of our Chrome browser.


Search options:

dog: Includes all words that include the word and its extensions, like: dogs, hotdogs.

“cat”: just exact word

dog + strip: A post that contains the 2 words, and also their extensions, like: Who find dogs and stripes in the home?

“dog” + “strip”: A post that contains the two words exactly, like: Who find dog and stripe in the home?

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