Tag 'em All - tags hundreds of users in one click

Did you upload a post and get a lot of comments? how fun!

But how do we update all the respondents now?

The magic plugin will tag you hundreds of friends you want and wherever you want at the click of a button.

The Chrome plugin is very simple to operate and is the smartest and most effective tool for updating friends who have responded to a post asking for information / code and the like.

How It Works? Select or prepare a post to which we would like to tag all responders. Click on the supplement and go make coffee. The plugin will tag all responders, in the way we define it.

Quick tour: 

The plugin is a product of many years of research and development. It is created with an in-depth understanding of Facebook mechanisms and the precise and efficient methods of performing the work, and it undergoes developments, which are constantly included and updated, according to the needs and requests of users.

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